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Fundraising Page

There is no start-up fee to run a fundraiser. None of your hard earned money comes out-of-pocket!

Instead, The Charity Chics charge 15% of the overall funds collected.

Contact us directly to discuss details. 

BINGO & Raffles

Contact us directly to discuss details.

The Charity Chics, Charity Chics Fundraising Inc, is a 501(c)(3) NYS Registered Not-for-Profit Fundraising Organization.

Donations made to any 501(c)(3) registered organization are tax-deductible for donors.

Fundraising Page

The Charity Chics will assist your group leaders and participants to use our online donation platform to send out donation requests via email, social media and SMS. 

Our streamlined process and social media integrations make it easy to process donations and track progress. 

We also send emails to prospects and supporters throughout the fundraiser to grow additional interest.

Most importantly supporter’s payments are made securely online.


Participants signup and make the corresponding donation.

BINGO is called live on Zoom or in person. 


Participants signup and make the corresponding donation.

One the raffle is sold out, a random winner is called live on Zoom. A third-party spinning wheel is used for winner selection. 

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You are one step closer to easy fundraising... Let's get started!

We are happy to meet with you via Zoom if you'd like. Just let us know...

Please upload a logo and any other images the public should see to further your cause

If you want your fundraiser to be UBER successful, provide a list of names and email addresses of past donors, supporters, contacts, and prospects

CSV or xlsx format including first name, last name and email address

The more details the better! Tell us why people should donate... What will the funds be used for?