Frequently Asked Questions

We are passionate about helping raise money for legitimate local-based charities that are in need of funds. If you have a charity you want us to consider, please send us an email at  Include some details and contact info for the charity. 

We accept:

Venmo @charity-chic

CashApp $charitychics


Please include the ITEM NAME and NUMBERS in the description section of Venmo, Zelle or CashApp.

We know emails can be super annoying.  So, you can confirm your entry or donation by visiting the sign up page for the item(s) you participated in.  You will see your name and a check mark when a donation is received. PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS FOR THE CHECK MARK TO APPEAR. 

Please note, it may take up to 6 hours for your donation check mark to appear.  

We use a 3rd party spinning wheel app to select winners at random. 

We announce upcoming spins in our Facebook group.  We usually post the items being called and the time of the spin in the earlier part of the day.

Join our group to be sure you never miss a new item release, a spin announcement, notifications for when we go live or announce the  winners!

Here is a quick video to explain how to participate! Click here

Welcome! These are raffles/spins to win items and fundraising for charities. The way this works is as follows: 

  • Each item has a set number of spots and donation amount assigned. 
  • You will click the link in the Facebook post or on the website, to navigate to the item.
  • Click the Sign Up button next to the number(s) you would like.
  • Follow the simple sign up process.
  • You will see your entries on the page.
  • Immediately send donation via:
    • Venmo: @charity-chic
    • CashApp: $charitychics
    • Zelle:
  • Include ITEM NAME and NUMBERS in the Venmo, Zelle or CashApp description.
  • To confirm donation receipt, look for a check mark in the “Donation Received” column. 
  • Once all of the spots are filled, we will spin the wheel live and a winner is chosen at random.