Meet The Charity Chics

Anne Marie and Wendy are lifelong friends and have worked together over the years running other successful businesses. We are both moms with other full-time jobs and we dedicate about 5 hours per day each to The Charity Chics. We are passionate about helping raise money for legitimate local-based charities that are in need of funds. Between the two of us, we spend a lot of time:

  • Researching items that fit our group

  • Preparing content & graphics

  • Responding to hundreds of comments and messages

  • Recruiting new members to the group

  • Collecting payments

  •  Accounting

  •  Plus we incur fees for financial transactions and Facebook Advertising

  •  …and so much more..

The Charity Chics, Charity Chics Fundraising Inc,  is a NYS 501(c)(3) Registered Not-for-Profit Fundraising Organization.